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    Coffee, energy drinks, black tea – these are not the only effective ways to stimulate the body. There is a much healthier and just as effective way to increase your energy levels. We are talking about yerba mate, a unique drink from South America, which is becoming more and more popular in our country. It has much better properties than typical coffee or tea, so it is definitely worth including it in your diet. Otherwise referred to as antioxidants, they are an excellent weapon against free radicals that accelerate aging and contribute to cancer formation. Regular use of yerba mate is therefore an effective anti-aging and anti-cancer protection, but the list of its beneficial properties does not end there. This unique drink also supports the fight against overweight and obesity and lowers the level of bad cholesterol, while increasing the level of the good cholesterol. It has antifungal, anti-diabetes and anti-inflammatory properties. ADVERTISEMENT As you can see, yerba mate is a mine of beneficial ingredients that support the functioning of the body. Its very important feature is also its stimulating properties, which is great news for people who cannot imagine their morning without a cup of aromatic coffee. If we need a healthy stimulation, yerba mate will be a much better solution. The reason for the more beneficial properties of this drink is mateine, i.e. the type of caffeine present in it. The way it is released in our body is of particular importance. Unlike caffeine in coffee, which acts rapidly and for a relatively short time, mateine ​​has a gradual stimulating effect. That’s why it keeps you energized all day long. Yerba mate is therefore an excellent way to effectively reduce caffeine in the diet, while maintaining well-being.A richness of vitamins and minerals In addition to the dose of energy, we will provide the body with many valuable vitamins and microelements, including: vitamin A, B1, B2, C, E, potassium , manganese, magnesium. As you know, stimulants such as coffee have the opposite effect, i.e. washing out the magnesium. Therefore, yerba mate is a great alternative for people suffering from deficiencies of this ingredient. It is also worth drinking it while working, because it not only provides energy, but also improves memory and concentration. It increases the efficiency of the body and the brain, making us act and think much more effectively. In addition, the vitamin B contained in it improves our well-being because it has anti-depressant properties. Yerba mate is not addictive, unlike coffee or tea. It is also a much better option than carbonated energy drinks, which always contain huge amounts of sugar. As you know, excess sugar is extremely harmful, so instead of risking unpleasant health consequences in the future, it is better to choose what is proven and natural.