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    Bagnacavallo reached its Golden Age within the fifteenth and the 16th centuries underneath the rule of the House of Este from which several of Europe’s royal dynasties later sprung. An earthquake in 1688 however destroyed most of the village’s architecture from that period. With ancient roots that stretch back to the Bronze Age, the realm the place Bagnacavallo nowadays stands has been attracting people for millennia. From Etruscans, Gauls, and Romans to Italian medieval dynasties, the record of people who lived and conquered these lands makes for a protracted studying.

    Each of them has a unique story to tell, curious native sights for you to discover, and quiet beauty to make you stop in your tracks and spend lovely moments just taking all of it in.
    Holidays blog Simplicity and style is the winning combination that makes the delicacies of this area so particular. A journey in discovery of the roots of this region leads in many instructions – one of these paths is theart of style. The area is understood for itsbold and refined delicacies, from these of the countryside of Emilia to those of the Romagna coast, by way of the lagoon of theComacchio Valleys,with its famouseels.

    Then, the"roads" of wine and cuisineare a great way to discover the historic and cultural id of the territory, with its typical products and unforgettable tastes. Another well-catered sector to discover here is that of beauty and wellness. Horseback riderscan comply with itineraries on theVia Francigenain the areas of Piacenza and Parma, having fun with the various parks and following the myriad paths – even off the bridle-ways – which are scattered virtually all around the area. For nature lovers,2 nationwide parks,14 regional parksand11 regional reservesoffer sport and leisure to those who want to plunge into the green.

    The wildlife typical of the world could be loved viatrekking, kayakingandcyclingin full freedom. Emilia Romagna itself offers a diverse sequence of itineraries, virtually all custom-made to guests’ demands. It is lastly possible to go to all of Italy from only one location. In the guts of theAdriatic Riviera, we are able to go from one finish of Italy to a different in the matter of seconds, thanks toItaly in Miniature.

    It also homes works by the Renaissance painter Bartolomeo Ramenghi who was born in the village and as such was recognized underneath the moniker of Il Bagnocavallo. Ramenghi was a pupil of Raphael and worked alongside him at the Vatican.

    A park with 273 small-scale reproductions of the most important Italian and European monuments, younger youngsters specifically can have enjoyable seeing the beauties of theBel Paeseby method of various studying routes designed just for them. In the province of Modena isMaranello,the place sports automotive fanatics can visit theFerrari Museumto see themost prestigious cars produced – together with race trophies and photos – by this world-famous manufacturer. AndImola, with its historic forts and piazzas, is the seat of the Enzo and Dino Ferrari Autodrome, continuous venue for bicycle and bike occasions.